We are prizma creative studio.
Our specification is branding, identity and web design.
Pushing the boundaries and giving meanings to projects is what we do.

Potted supply co
Identity / brand strategy/ brand platform
Do I Do
Identity / brand strategy/ brand platform
Sky Group
Identity / brand strategy/ brand platform
Ivanhoe Altai
Identity / brand strategy/ brand platform

Dima Golub

I am a creative director, 3D artist and Ux/ Ui Designer. I mainly work with web design, from platforms to promo sites. I am passionate about mixing web with 3D graphics, especially when it helps to clarify the brand strategy or convey the main idea of the product.
I love projects that focus on people and have a deep idea and a strong metaphor.

Anya Golub

My main areas of expertise are creative strategies, visual identity and packaging design.
My job is to build a strong emotional connection between your brand/product and your audience. The best result is when the community inside and outside your brand or product grows organically. My passion is creative strategies and finding insights. Find the core authenticity of your product or brand and implement global trends and consumer sentiments. This way, the brand core becomes both authentic and relevant.