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Being different is risky, but those who aren't afraid to stand out are the ones who win
Don’t think outside the box. Take the box and fckn burn it down
A match jumps out of the box and sets it on fire
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“What we create shows who we are. Everyone should have the chance to show their unique self and succeed”
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Our Team

Anna Golub

Creative Partner / Art Director

Dima Golub

Creative Partner / Creative Director

Max Erchenko

Lead Designer

Sasha Morozova

Middle Designer

Sasha Nuktos

Project Manager

Max Gvozdev

3D Designer
Selected Projects
Run-ops project case preview on Behance
Visual Identity for RUN-OPS, everyday business solutions company, that helps brands to professionally navigate finances in a very buddy and flexible format.
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Do I Do project case preview on Behance
Do I Do
Throughout history, women were denied freedom of choice. They had to rely on the opinion and judgment of society, religious restrictions, and the beliefs of the time. he brand offers its support to women, from a wide range of sizes to a community of brand experts who help them realize their true desires, needs and personality.
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More Time project case preview on Behance
Moretime Expeditions
Moretime Expeditions, a brand of sea travel on unique routes, forms a community of "ambassadors of the sea" who seek to discover and share at any age. It elevates individuals into a new dimension, fostering self-exploration amidst the endless expanse of water.
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Sanduny 1808 project case preview on Behance
Sanduny 1808
Sanduny 1808 is among the most famous baths worldwide, with a history spanning over 200 years. These baths have traversed eras and histories, preserving their grandeur and stories.
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The deeper our focus, the richer the outcome. This is why we set temporal constraints on our offerings. These boundaries serve to protect our sacred workflow from disruptions caused by new inquiries.
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