Ivanhoe is a recreation park in the Altai mountains
in Russia. For Ivanhoe, we have created a brand strategy, brand platform and visual identity.
We made a research on the topics of glamping, travel and recreation. We analysed trends on this topic, conducted audience polls.

We got an insight that increasing tourist flow to Altay made most places in mountains became overload. Lots of  recreation zones turned into "decorations for a barbecue" and lost its authencity.

It became a big problem for those true people who are traveling to enjoy nature, you have to go further and further. It is difficult because of the long journey, especially if you are traveling with children.

Our research have shown that people feel nostalgia for these trips where they used to travel far to spend the night in tents, cook at the bonfire. But they are not ready to repeat them now. Comfort takes over authencity.

We created brand strategy called - "Comfortable Adventures". It means true unity with nature on the one hand and comfort on the other. On this concept, the first slogan was born: “wildly comfortable”.

Imagine, you sleep in a comfortable tent on a king-size bed, warming under a duvet. And behind the fabric of the tent you feel the real wild Altai nature and hear the roar of a mountain river.

We built the visual image of the brand on contrast, inspiration, adventure, comfort and nature.  The style of identity and naming were influenced by Wes Anderson's film "Moon Kingdom".

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