Do I Do

The main idea of the brand is to give support to all women who want to find courage and individuality.

The brand adheres to a huge range of sizes from 2xs to 3xl, even on the oversize. Thus, the brand emphasizes the importance of the features of each figure and takes care of the fit of products on different types of figures. Using high-quality materials, the brand takes care of the durability of products, so that the customer does not resort to "fast-fashion" purchases. The idea of anti-consumerism arose in response to the mass-market strategies of brands that sell low-quality products under the guise of environmental friendliness and over-recycling, forcing consumers to buy more and more.
The brand offers to get out of the endless vicious circle and take care of the environment consciously, primarily through self-care.

Throughout history, the freedom of choice has been denied to women. They had to rely on the opinion and assessment of society, religious restrictions and beliefs that correspond to the time period.
Today, the situation is different and more and more women are gaining independence. But do they gain resolve with it?The brand offers its support to women, ranging from a large size range and recognition of the uniqueness of women's figures to a community of brand experts who help them realize their true desires, needs and personality. Starting from simply allowing yourself a real high-quality thing and changing the usual style of clothing and ending with a way of thinking.

The logo symbolically fit the moment of determination: DO I? I DO!
The letter I in the logo plays the role of a trait, representing the transition from the moment of not allowing yourself to fully accept yourself through determination.The geometry of the word "DO" resembles the image of a person who "grows" after crossing the line.

In our work on typography, we decided to reflect this transition from simple to complex, showing how the usual helvetica turns into a custom font.Also, the use of these fonts "turns on" the user due to an unusual combination.He needs to delve into the text and read the encrypted message

When working on the layout, we paid attention to the vertical line separating the two states before and after. Showing a text message on one side and a visual confirmation on the other.The same vertical line forms a space for the logo when we place it on key visual. It stands up vertically, forming persons: one of them has crossed the line and found the determination, allowed himself.

Imagine, you sleep in a comfortable tent on a king-size bed, warming under a duvet. And behind the fabric of the tent you feel the real wild Altai nature and hear the roar of a mountain river.

Creating an identity, we tried to convey the image of an optimistic brand that understands and accepts you.We drew on the very first story of determination, the ancient myth of Eve and the apple. The metaphor of identity: a modern garden of eden where you can afford to find determination among others like you.

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